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~ The Light In Your Eyes ~

After some time, working and becoming enamored with the Muse, as well as reflecting upon the strange and The light in Her Eyes 3serendipitous encounters, which were coming more rapidly than, heretofore, had been present in my life for this time, or any other, a series of events started to become clearer in my mind, becoming even clearer as the Muse took me.

It must have been the sheer import of the synchronicity, enhanced by other elements of my life, a more lucid understanding of the spiritual implications of outside influences, magickal influences, natural order to some, which was making itself a much more potent force to me personally, and to others, as well as the Muse who, at first, more than likely, saw it as a diversion, something unique in passing – the power of personality perhaps – yet, ineluctably, was becoming more pronounced, at least to me.

Funny though, in retrospect, how we always feel for the other, what we feel about ourselves, how we see them creates that action of compassion and protection which, in many cases, we seek for ourselves.

This was done, long after the initial Song was started, it was retrospective in nature, and for the first time acknowledges the element and passions of Eros.


~The Light In Your Eyes ~

(To the natural order of Attraction)

I stood there, a guest in the crowd, milling near and far

Only if for a night, the melody intoxicating;

The faces fair, and the conversation benign

The music rose, like the heels on your shoes.

Didn’t want to be there, nothing else to do

Now the light is in my eyes, talking next to me;

The Green light in your eyes

Deep as the darkest Sea.

Voices in the background, the deepest pain I see, wishing

The morning would come, the sorrow to be undone;

Then days and days, months fly by, and once again

The Song, the Green light in your eyes.

No lover on my mind, the Green light in your eyes

The talk benign, “how have you been,” “everything all right?”

The drink in your hand, the blush across your chest

You need to release.

Your rhapsody of emotions, is seen in your eyes

The green light in your eyes;

You sing and play, the pain gone for a moment

You pass by, your hands in mine – you give a little away.

You sing from the deepness of your soul –

You cry and cry and cry;

Are you a hard soul to save

Deep as the ocean, can you find the way?

A hard soul to save, with an immense ocean around it

The green light in your eyes, the smile on your face

Passing in the night, the memories begin to stir

No place for imagination.

Now there’s a green light in my eyes

A lover on my mind;

An ocean around it, a hard soul to save

The wind subsides, as I begin to row away.

Through the doors of inspiration I tread

The Song and voice, or is it only in my head?

The green light in your eyes, the song within your breast

Unfolding into the light, the assembly is mesmerized.

The deep conversation to follow, enveloping the

Darkest corners of my soul –

The saints can’t help me now, even if I had wanted it

Your smile, your comely eyes, that green light in your eyes.

Regrets, I have a few, but like old friends

They tend to collect, to relive those darkest of moments

The green light in your eyes –

It washes that away.

The armor is dented, thick and cold

The surface of the hardest steel;

The light of your green eyes, that mighty test

Has found a place to rest.

It was not a matter of resisting

But of being fair;

Some things, you know

Simply, just don’t care.

It is a wondrous thing to rejoice in Beauty for its

Own sake


And that, I willingly do.

What does it matter, alone or not alone

As long as one is graced with silent


That essence of the Rose.

From near or far, that muse or Dame

Nor any other creature

Can take the place of that

Green light in your eyes.

I’m damned if I do, and I’m damned if I don’t

I’ve suffered and I have hoped;

But there is plenty of Rope

It’s no shot in the dark, but I feel it in my throat.

Has looking for forests of green

Found the devil in me –

Or will fate

Do its best to me?

Some things are better not known

But it’s often hard to Dance

When one thinks of romance –

Heavy in your arms.

Let the world turn

Let the oceans over-flow;

Let the Green light in your Eyes

Wash me under.

Strange, the twilight

The Shadow of your Heart;

The day, the night

The shadow of your heart.

I heard your heart beating, so in the

Shadow of your heart

In the green light shimmering…

I stayed in the darkness with


~ Finis ~

Poems of Love and Light