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The Magick of Love draws, and the power of personality, of self, soon points the way that love and lovers will go.

As the relationship between the Muse and I continued to develop, Her natural beauty and Vesicus Ppoise did not circumvent the obvious pain and turmoil in which the Muse was indebted. The deep well of emotions were pulling her apart, and it was obvious that what was needed, was direction and compassion.

The balance between Eros and Spirit is a powerful tool, when one is deeply in love. Each spirit, by degree, will either have to ‘fill’, or ‘draw’ from, that Well, which is the source of all.




~ A Life Worth Living ~

A life worth living

Is a life lived intimately

The markers of passage

Water from the deepest Well.

Water cool and sustaining

You and I remaining

Different and the same

Is all that matters now.

In a shallow well

Not much is seen

A rope and bucket

Magick and power I deem.

Looking into the abyss

A fragment of light draws me

Over the surface

A smiling face I see.

A whisper and a nod

My eyes in darkness lay

I feel your trembling breath upon my skin

I feel your lips upon me press.

What a strange and beautiful


Who lives in the darkness of this


Every time I try and draw you up

I hear you begin to cry

The shallow of the Well

Now a flowing tide.

Contained in the Well

Walls of stone and mortar

Surround you

The only way to the light is up!

In that shallow abyss

I have heard you sing of

Darkness and Light –

That burning passion carressing you.

Those beautiful gowns

The uniforms of clowns

A mask you adore –

That which is seen, that you believe.

The time we have spent

The abyss you have endured

All for nothing

(As the mirror you address)

Remains in stark relief.

The conversations and realization

Not connected to reality, it seems

Those moments in time –

Boxes designed to separate and decieve.

The self, it is said

Is aware of the smallest of things

Those things hidden, oftimes creeping out

That split of personality.

You have hidden in the shadows

You have hidden in the light

A mask for every season makes hollow

As you dance from dark to light.

I have heard your cry before

It is of the deepest, darkest grey

Those who see the light from that deepest Well

Are suspicious of those who care to stay.

In passion and fire, do they embrace

Tis’ the only way to accept the grace

Of a fleeting harmony

That melody they long to sing!

Trembling, you come to me

Hands damp and cold

A hand upon your face –

You crumble to the floor.

Many things unsaid

Pearls upon a field of Jasper green

Tell of a time well spent

Under Oaks and Pines, a doorway in the light.

Those times, my Love

Of passion and fire

No mask to hide behind

Only two spirits soaring higher.

The truth between two lovers

Can never be hidden

That nakedness…

That soft and lovely tenderness.

Soon the darkness and the light

Begins that eternal dance of Life

Caught between two worlds

The masks are worn again?

Did I catch a glimpse of you

without that hidden look

Aye! I can read you like a book –

Must I be like an audience, for you to speak to me?

You said that you knew

I would be there for you

So much is true my love –

I wonder when the truth of you…will be the truth for me?

A life worth living

Is a life lived intimately

(As well as true)

Live, my love, let the waters

Bring you from the shallow, into the flood!

If a new life you seek

Alone it will not happen

That mask has brought you –

Where you are today.

Depend on me, that stone so firm

Take not for granted that steady beat

Within my Heart

As you go about your day.

Here for you I remain

But even I, water may float away

To a distant shore without beacon –

Or light to find my way.

Once gone, I will not easily come back

For the choosing has to be honest and right

A temple burning, one returning

Ashes and sackcloth from the burning.

A life worth living…for the Living must be

Draw, my love, from that deep Well

Not from the shallow –

You think you have the mettle?

When you show me that a Temple

Made in love abides

To that window open to the Sun

Then of all and random, you will have all of me!

~ Finis ~