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The Muse and I were becoming acquainted more and more, and the intimacy had Skycladbecome more than simple dialogue, and the moments we had shared were weighing heavily on each and every encounter. The time had come for the Muse to be introduced to a more personal and introspective encounter – and this would tell me more than any dozen conversations, as She was still reticent about looking deep into herself.

The Autumn air was brisk on this particular morning, and a covering had been laid out, over the existing cover of soft leaves, and a Ritual was presented, an intimate and personal source of Magick, and the Muse took to  it readily; her cheeks were reddened, the blush upon her chest was deep, and her eyes shone with anticipation and desire.

This was the first Ritual, the first of many to come.




~ A Ritual In Autumn ~

(To Possession)

Intentions in the air

Misty Oceans

The sound of your feet

Signs of your devotions.

Autumn brings the change

To every living thing

The veil does part

Spirit comes to impart.

Leaves on the ground

Crisp, red and brown

Like the tresses of your hair

Your graceful hips so fair.

The season comes to wash and clean

The detrus brought by time

Or simply the ritual of intentions

Bring the spirits to attention.

On that misty morning

A sea appears to me

That shinning mist of Avalon

Its shore is plain to see.

The magick in the air

Full-bodied and strong

Like your essence embraced

When my hands upon you feel.

The morning air brings a sense

Of your coming

Unspoken you appear

With a dancing smile as you step near.

Hand in hand the path is


Your steps as firm as mine

That Grove awaiting to be filled.

A place to rest has been set

A tool for you to employ

A cleansing water is prepared

I instruct you what to do.

Your task is taken with pride

Slow and firmly you attend

My body rises with your care

Its heartbeat soon, you share.

Your duty done

Your care and your duty

A washing has begun

Its cool embrace extends my state.

The delicate nature of your


Brings a solemn prayer

The invocation of my intention.

You see me rise in affirmation

My invocation done

to your chest you press me –

Our hearts beat as One.

As you rise to meet me

Your eyes of the flame ignite

The passion of your soul –

The moon descends from dawning twilight’s sight.

Your body quivers and shakes

Your serpents they


They bring us to a familiar state.

Your hands upon me feel

Soon the passion of desire

Upon me you devour

Your hunger sated then.

Soon you rest, seemingly betwixt

The Earth and Sky

Your sun-kissed skin

A surface of burning fire.

I taste that milk and honey


The chill upon you feel

My hunger being filled.

The look in my eyes

You begin to want it more

The gentle kiss upon my neck

Your gentle pinch upon my skin.

As I rest upon the ground

My spirit being cleansed

You see that risen power

You want to see me live!

In your hands I entrust

That sacred Autumn rite

The essence of my life

Soon across me spreads.

With the rhythm of my heartbeat

You match me pulse for pulse

As we come together, into the light

Your body and mind separate from sight.

Your breath and mine it passes

Sharing Life

The sweat upon our brows

The joy of giving life.

Strange it is, or appears to be

The magick of serendipity

That element of causation

The effect you are to me.

In your arms I am heavy still

Each day becoming clear

That truly

My voice you have begun to hear.

I doubt the passion will ever

Leave my mind

Your spirit, a soul and body

Ever it remains in kind.

When I see the symbols

Ancient and strong

Appearing upon your body white

I believe in this ancient rite.

You wish for me to kiss

The place where it appears to lay

Gladly I do so…

As it enters deep within your soul.

Sacred the act performed on you

For me, your intentions true

Betwixt the Autumn sky and earth

We embrace the coming moon.

Soon the veil is lifted

Doors are opened wide

Through them a world of welcome

And intention.

In our presence the world alive

It comes

Like Autumn and its rite

Looking forward to the night.

~ Finis ~