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~ In the Autumn Sun ~

I have often noted, since I was a lad, that Seasons change, and people along with them. Magick 2Perhaps not a scientific observation in the true sense, yet I have seen it experientially enough times, to accept it as fact, and the summer between us was large, bright and beautiful, it brought passion, awareness, introspection, and happiness for the most part; the summer Solstice was a large part of the central action of this time period (see: vol. 1), and the festive atmosphere, the seasonal invocation of harvest and planting was definitely part of all that the Muse and I were experiencing.

As much of this material, although not all, was presented in the declining embrace of summer, and Autumn began to lift the covers of a new bed of intentions and interactions, the early morning mist replacing the dry and open twilight of summer, with the falling of the leaves, the ever-present moisture in the air, expecting a new rain to pass and cleanse, so also the seemingly coherent moments ‘in time’, as the Muse is wont to say, and slowly, ineluctably, replacing it with another rhythm, and this rhythm, in its time, became bitter-sweet; a source of realignment, questions, fears, and hope.

Many moments had come and gone, each to their own purpose and intensity, and on one particular morning, starting out somber, clouds dipping deep into the valley and, once again, a certain sense of conflict surrounding us, I did not want to fully engage with the Muse in our natural setting, our quiet solitude, being shared best in the morning, was both a comfort and barrier on this particular morning; I went alone, rather than waiting for Her, and spent my time taking everything in – but I saw her, sitting, waiting for the sun to rise – and rise it did, and as I passed by, the sun began to fully play across her face, her brilliant auburn hair, shinning in the sun, the poise and symmetry of her form were almost too much. Her eyes were shut and, honestly, I was hoping to move past without being seen: that did not happen.

Her voice called out, and my brief acknowledgment was perfunctory, and I was still not fully committed to going back to the space she held. I did, however, join her.

Strange, these moments, as intentions can be utterly destroyed based, perhaps, on selfish or myopic emotional feelings, disaffection, resentment or simple stubbornness creating barriers where none actually exist, or at any rate, should not exist, and learning to let it pass, is the true test of Love.

A few moments of looking into her eyes, the pain of conflict and issues unresolved, her sense of aloneness completely melting my heart, we quickly began a conversation, which brought balance once again. Her lips shone red, no false disguise to make them so, and the radiance of her skin, the tone of her voice, soon brought the necessary reflection and understanding to the issues at hand. Just being in Her presence brought me serenity.

The Autumn sun was cool, and in the rising sunlight, her hair continued to captivate me.





~ In The Autumn Sun ~

(Your Hair shinning in the Sun)

In the Autumn sun
Your face glistened in the sun
You swayed gently in place
(Oh! So much grace)
As the rhythm of the dance embraced.

So much more to know
You said
That man beside you –
What is in his head?

Turn those moments into
‘Tis the only way to be

Your Auburn hair
Thick as a lion’s mane
Your lips softly parted –
Your breath into mine, departing.

Life is a strange mistress
You said
Life is a strange mistress
I said…

Not the usual fare
We sit as a pair
In the coming sunlight –
Soon his Sol has passed upon us.

So many things left unsaid
You are wanting more
The carefree morning light
Embraces your form, no more fright.

A song you sang to me:
“In the warm amber glow of
Autumn’s Dawn, The rhythm of our
Dance, lingers on.”

The power of that dawn –
Yes, it lingers on…and on
The tender and passionate moments
Over me wash…such a lovely torrent.

A home and hearth you saw
(Sitting next to me, your eyes softly shut)
By the fountain, water drawn
As smiling you go
To that greater Love you know.

Inside the fire bright
Its soft and orange glow
Table, bucket and hearth
A picture upon a mantle strong.

A hand to you outstretched
Beckons to a pane of glass
(A mirror of perfection, seen in the past)
Betwixt the moon, fingers entwined –
Softly keeping that dance of romance.

The night overwhelms
The call of birds declines
The only sound, my love – that
Passionate breath between you and I.

More than a dream, it seems
The magick in the air does linger
Who’s to know, what dreams may bring –
Even in this waking reprieve?

Your voice lingers, pictures in my head
The colour of turquoise surrounding
The genuine symmetry of transformation –
Latent powers rejoicing at your supplication.

The staff you bear,
An even balance you said
To lean upon when you needed –
A reminder of devotion heeded.

Parting, as we often do
The space between us
Not always hard to bear –
This time, I am drawn to you.

Knowing full well, the draw of time
“Don’t leave me yet
Come back to me”
(I said to you)
Deeply aware you seem to me.

A deep Well you saw
Water so mysterious
Can only there to be drunk
By lips as full as yours.

What we share is deep
(Often unsaid)
Of this one cannot deny
What strange and intoxicating fury
That lingers in our heart!

What more can I say
My love
What more can I say –
Only that I love you more each and every day.

~ Finis ~