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~ Magick and Experience ~

Neck tease

The 25th of January, has proven to be a “memory beyond memories,” as stated in Tales of Love and Light, and to the Muse, the harbinger of devotion, passion, intensity, and conflicting emotive energy, along with that innocence only a pure soul can bring, let this twenty-fifth day (2+5=7  the Number of Perfection), proved to be a perfect combination of interpersonal awareness, as well as solidifying a sense of magick, knowledge, and experience.

Each step, is a Rubicon, a way-sign, to another shore.

Our Breath as One, the blush upon Her chest, the breeze She brings to my neck, to my body white, all seen in the way She moves to the music, the way it moves deep, within Her, bringing Her to Life. All of this, and more, belongs to a burgeoning New Year; to metamorposis, transformation, and re-birth.

The Goddess lives within you…and you, are my goddess.