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~ The Great Wedding ~

In juxtaposition to the previous theme (Poems of Love and Light), and also appearing in NuadaTales, The Great Wedding is about bonding, the binding of two souls, not in any conventional sense (conventions, of course, have their place, but I, personally, look to more ancient traditions for the conventions I choose), but in the most profound and intimate of settings and intentions; this cannot happen without a serious introduction to the metaphysical, that deepest of elementals, shared with another person, and this most assuredly involves Eros, and not simply the intellectualization of the so-called ‘spiritual intimacy’, which many view as the ultimate gift, in human experience.

Although the descriptions of this theme are slightly changed – to fit the mood, so to speak – the actual interaction was in the real world, and is offered to add to the flavor of the moment.

The abilities of the Muse, hidden deep within her soul, as the generation-long force of intentions and abilities often lay dormant, only waited for the right circumstances and opportunities to fully come to fruition; her ability to make song was only one aspect of her gifts, and her primal source, only being utilized on the surface, nevertheless was seen to be very deep, and through certain opportunities, was unleashed. The priorities in her life, often taking precedence over that of our interactions, and spreading the opportunities she was offered to the wind, made for a consistent and deeper experience slow, and more often than not, chose to remain in her habitual life.

There were moments, of course, that the world seemed to stop, time itself standing still. The Muse was drawn, sometimes in a deep and spiritual confluence, mimicking mannerisms, invoking magickal powers, and unknowingly allowing herself to be the vehicle for the presence of ancient spirits, which would then resonate (in the waking world) with, seemingly, another time and place. Often, when these ‘sacred’ moments were over, She would not know for certain where she was, as her bearing was askew in ‘our time’, and this was continuing proof of the interrelationship the Muse and I
brought to each other.

It is interesting to note, as well, that in almost every case, these moments were completely unplanned, both taking place in the light of day, and the dark of night, even in the twilight, a special time, to be sure, and these events happened again, and again – the point is, that when the awareness of each other would occur, so did the magick.




~ The Great Wedding ~

(To the process of Union)

To that Great wedding of
Earth and Sky
Does the Sun and Moon recline
Upon the ancient fields.

Let the serpents cleave
To the knowledge of yesterday
Entwined within each other
To the future rejoice.

Let Song and Muse remain
As One
With the Stone of fire and power
Resting in the arms of the Goddess.

Let the sacred Well wash and clean
The emptiness away
And fill the hearts of Life
With the water of the sacred rite.

As the light of the Moon embraces Him
Let the light of the Sun embrace Her
As it was in the line of our elders
So, also, shall it be:

Betwixt earth and sky
Let the light join with light
Let sword and water rejoice
In the coming twilight.

~ Finis ~

Poems of Love and Light….Our Breath As One