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~ Of Beauty and Pain ~

Another momentary interruption, marking the changing seasons, yetPriestess still in Summer, an ebb and flow always present, came to us. Retrospection, not always a kind mistress, did allow for much of the honest appreciation and inspiration to set itself in full view before us.

Each one of us have a certain threshold, at least this is what we come to believe, as the human spirit can, and will, learn to embrace the unknown, step by step, experiencing sensations and awareness which, heretofore, were unknown, making us often fear to experience and learn. We are not talking about random or curious conceptions of the ‘new’, but what develops in our various and unique chemistry, brought about by two independent souls – that dangerous walk, so often astride a mountain cliff, the consequences of failure clear.

Beauty is easy to confront. Pain is not.

Physical pain can more easily be dealt with, as the mind can, with understanding and discipline, learn to by-pass this physiological phenomenon; the pain of the Heart, on the other hand, can last a lifetime. This is the eternal paradox: How one suffers the beauty of love.

It is said that time heals, but in the case of Love and lovers, time takes on various and interrelated levels of synchronicity, of passion and intellectual devices that, perforce, compartmentalizes, or attempts to, those areas of devotion and conflict – the agony and the ectasy, as it were – and some individuals take to the process quickly, and some not.

The pain of falling in love is inevitable.

So, also, the beautiful.

Taken in toto, this all belongs to the process of Life.




~ Of the Beauty and Pain ~

(To Acknowledgment)

Life is beauty
Life is pain
Life is for the living –
What is Life without the giving?

Feeling high, feeling low
Without you, feeling so alone
They say you know your lover
When you let her go…
(but who would willing do so?)

Signs of the earth
A stone added to the ring
Aching to be complete –
I feel you my love…my heart!

I’ll pass by today, you have
Taught me that
It is not strength you know –
Simply to soften the blow.

They say to know your lover
Is to let her go
Only a fool would fail to discover
What She has brought to you.

My fire still burns hot
Like it or not
My journey begun
Not afraid, nor will I run.

The colour of yellow, simple treasure for
Sits by a stone from the sea –
The day you lay next to me.

That memory, like the day was pleasing
The power of the Sea, the wind through your hair
The tenderness and passion, rode on your skin
Like a passionate wind.
(Your lips trembling)

Betwixt earth and sky, do your memories lay
Knowing both the pleasure and the pain
Of loving and knowing, living in a maze –
Stay with me my love, through the light and the rain.

There can be no shadow, if no light is present
In the shadow of your Heart
I remain –
Feeling the pounding of your heart.

The breath of life you possess
On my skin I feel
In my lungs I take it in –
Your essence soon revealed.

If you, my lover be
Then letting you go, a fool I would be seen
And wanting to go, would only show your
Lack of depth and perception.

In nature’s house, so delicate it seems
The earth between your toes
Your feet on solid ground –
A temple and a crown.

The Goddess knows your pain
The sadness and the joy
Life but to relent, light to the abyss
Embrace the tenderness.

I see you in the night
I see the footprints in the sand
The altar of your making
If you choose, will remain and stand.

In the misty morning twilight, on fields of emerald green
In dreams that I have seen
Through the fire of your desire
Let us embrace that burning pyre.

Set us free, to walk amidst that field of green
Come to me my love
In dreams that we have seen –
In that misty twilight, rise those fields of emerald green.

~ Finis ~

(Poems of Love and Light…Our Breath as One)