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~ The Well of the Goddess ~

It is the Song in your Heart

That you wish to impart

The delicate whisper of your voice

Bids me enter

The sound of water continued to draw the men, and its source was

Goddess of Beauty ~ David Howard Johnson

Goddess of Beauty ~ David Howard Johnson

close to the dais. It was an opening, of perhaps five feet in diameter, and the Vesicus Piscis was prominently, and ornately fashioned out of a thick beaded silver braid, and of a craftsmanship that He had only seen on occasion, and only in the houses of royalty. The cover was set atop an opening, the Well holding a bubbling cauldron of water, massive energy was its fountain head, somewhere deep in the earth, and a soft luminescence hovered deep within the depths of its source; Gwion and his companion let go His hands, and stepped back.

A blue light began to glow around the dais, and a window that He had not seen before, far above the floor, began to radiate a growing light, and He realized that the Moon was starting her ascent into the back ground, as the window was much higher than any traditional window, both for size and height, and he noticed, as well, the same symbolic representation, which seem to fill this chamber, hall, he could not figure out which most aptly described the location, but soon, he felt, the moon would be upon the window, as if to accept the presence of the Goddess – he was right.

Music, once again, began to fill the senses, and a voice, melodic and strong, sensual and commanding, a resonance that few instruments could summon; and as the light became more pronounced, He was able to see a device upon the dais, and it took the shape of a small chair, rather plain in fact excepting, that upon the chair were two serpents entwining each other, as if in playful dance, but there was a much deeper meaning He felt, and from the darkness behind the chair, appeared two female forms, She and Matilda, and upon their bodies they wore the pendants of the Goddess and of the God, for they belonged to both, and their attire was white and red, veils covering their faces, but the material showed every nuance of their sex, and their pubis were naked, and their breasts adorned with jewelry covering their cleavage.

Matilda, directing her attention to Gwion, lifted up her arms, and in a soft voice, directed him to bring his companion up to where she stood, and Gwion ascended the seven steps to where she stood; they embraced, and Matilda took the staff, with which Gwion leaned upon, or held close to his side, and laid this staff at the foot of the plain, and seemingly unordinary chair. Behind Matilda, She stood, enchantingly vulnerable, erotic and demure, yet her breasts rose and fell as she had done with Him on many occasion, and He could see the flush of her chest as she looked at him, no, through him, through the veil; He began to fill, the presence of strangers and acquaintances not dulling the power he felt rising within him, and He wanted Her.

Matilda then faced Him, and directed, “Son of Man, seekest thou the truth of all things, and would you seek the truth from charlatans and soothsayers, from jackals and thieves, or do you seek the essence of yourself, that true power within you, the power of Love and devotion, of acceptance and awareness, of the power of the deepest soul, of the deepest understanding of blood and stone, of moon and mountains, of man and woman?” The hall resonated with her tender voice, and He felt impelled to answer:

I seek the power within

That grotto of despair

And pleasure –

The goddess to whom I have submitted.

In a cradle of Pine

The scent of Cedar and Sage

Has my senses taken

And in her arms, I am heavy still.

Of magic and muse I submit

In love’s tenderness

I relent

Bourne of the past and in our Dreams.

In the truth I lay with Her

Soft upon the ground

Waters ebb and flow

Yet beauty remains.

I speak to Her of magic and muse

Blood and Stone

Mountains and the Moon

Heavy in my arms, peace she does bring.

Her waters fill my soul

I bow to Sol and the Moon

Embracing Her

Our breaths become One….

My breath and yours have now become One!


With this heart-felt delivery, Gwion was mightily impressed that one untrained, would have the bardic song bourne within his breast, and He addressed the High Priestess (for that is exactly what Matilda was):

To that Great wedding of

Earth and Sky

Does the Sun and Moon recline

Upon the ancient fields.

Let the serpents cleave

To the knowledge of yesterday

Entwined within each other

To the future, rejoice.

Let Song and Muse remain

As One

With the Stone of fire and power

Resting in the arms of the Goddess.

Let the sacred Well wash and clean

The emptiness away

And fill the hearts of Life

With the water of the sacred rite.

As the light of the Moon embraces Him

Let the light of the Sun embrace Her

As it was in the line of our elders

So, also, shall it be:

Betwixt earth and sky

Let the light join with light

Let sword and water rejoice

In the coming twilight.

Matilda nodded to Gwion, and took Her by the hand and led her toward the chair as He watched in silence, His skin prickling with sensation and awareness; as She approached the companion of Gwion made a movement, and placed his hands upon the serpents, and slowly, He witnessed a marvel, for as the companion held the serpent heads, lo! the chair began to turn, slowly rising in the process, and soon there were four stations, or continuous steps, which raised the chair to height of about four feet, and its placement had changed, as from His perspective, their was only one chair, now there were two, side-by-side, and He could see the intricacy of the serpents, as there were distinctly four forms, carefully attached to each other.

The companion turned, and stroked his beard, looking at Gwion, then to Him, and spoke:

To duty and the call

I recline with Blood

And Stone

In the valley of the Moon.

And to the magick of the Muse

Do I defer

As the bond of service

Becomes a Song to Her.

To inform and teach the ways of Water


And in the realm of soft twilight

Shall the sun and moon reside.

To blood and stone shall

He defer

And to the Muse and Song

His soul abides.

I, of the brow of Light

Shall remain

My songs shall, one day

Resound upon the future.

The companion, then, stepped toward Him, and bowed slightly, and directed Him to the Chair, whereupon Matilda drew Her closer to herself, and turned Her body to face, directly, one aspect of the chair, the companion turning Him, in the same fashion, and the man and the woman faced each other squarely; Gwion, his arms raised, faced the couple, directly in line with the great window, and the light of the Moon was radiating upon his beard and cloak, his luminous face appearing ghostly, otherworldly, and Gwion directed the two to sit. She sat down gingerly, placing Her hands upon the rests, nestling gently against the back between the serpents, and her eyes began to close, her skin taking on the same luminescence, as was Gwion. Then it was His turn, and the companion positioned His body so as to fill his place, and He firmly sat down, then into, the receiving arms of his position.

Informally, He and She had experienced this rite already, and the timing of this Full Moon was no accident, as the first joining between She and He, had happened on the moon just prior to the full turning of her power – this was fully a time of power – of magick.

Gwion started to pray, and Matilda joined in, their Song filling the room, as the light continued to flow into the chamber, the companion moved down the seven stairs, and lifted the vesicus piscis, its symbolic spear point, staring into the sky, and the bubbling water could be heard to join the song of priest and priestess.

She began to feel a rush between her legs, a delicate wind always coming before her heat, and her body began to feel its source, and her face became lightly tinged with red, her breathing coming slightly more rapid; she turned her hands outward, palms up, and felt the moonlight upon her hands, and her hands began to tingle, and then to slightly tremble; her nipples becoming ever more sensitive, thrust themselves into her covering, as if to break through, her breathing moving them, ever so slightly, against the fabric and this, in turn, compounded the sensations filling the rest of her.

At the same moment, He was feeling exhilaration, his feet grounding themselves upon the stone floor, and the familiar sensations of a thousand needles coming into his body; his member becoming unyielding, with a force that, heretofore He had only felt with Her on the bridge of Sighs, then abating as soon as it reach a peak, and finally yielding to the ascending power within his form. He wanted to look into those deep and compelling emerald eyes, to touch Her Sol, that light which would manifest itself upon her brow or skin, when under a spell such as this – He could hear her breathing – he could feel her breath inside of him, filling him with ecstasy and a shamanic sense of the world as it was rarely seen.

Matilda came to them, her singing coming as a melodic hum, and brought out a bandanna of red material, which she folded into a smaller fold, and bound the two together, wrapping the material around the opposing foreheads, but making a firm contact with the back of their heads, and the two bodies began to resonate, deeply; She saw bursts of lights, reds and yellow, white and purple, blue also, there was. Her sex was aflame, and her neck began to swell, as if a Song was forming, but could not be released; she felt her flood building, and reached out in her mind, as if searching for Him, looking for that moment, even as she, that would show the exact moment of His release, his pulsing matching Hers, and joining for those moments of pain and pleasure, to open up the doors of their gateways, through their breathing and intentions, would finally merge, their serpents overpowering them both – the greatest of sensual acts – merging the magic of the flesh, with the power of the spirit. Only He had brought this, and only She had fully brought it to fruition – the Chair began to rock.

He felt Her in his source, in his chest and in his head, the balance of sensations were becoming overwhelming, and the back of his head was becoming a conduit, a reciprocal conduit of intentions and power; his member was engorged, and he could sense her flood, cresting and falling – his pulse now linked to hers – and He felt Her start, rocking the chair as she did, and he knew she was close.

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