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Many people consider Love, sexuality and sensuality to be mutually exclusive, as an stillthemoonrisesAuthoress intimated to me today. She was recently published, and our discussion centered around publishing, her presentation, and just what nomenclature to use when dealing with relationships.

The word and term ‘possession’ came up, and this did not set well, at first. Soon, however, the term and usage was understood, and the discussion turned to the exchange in material (Her book, for the author’s Tales of Love and Light), and the banter between us on the issues of ‘women and men’, love, sensuality, and sexuality.

She seemed pleasantly surprised at the material, and She was presented with signed copies of the author’s books, and she did the same. Before she left, she read The Bridge of Sighs, and seemed pleasantly surprised; she was looking forward to tucking herself into bed, and finishing the rest.

Possession, in brief, is the understanding that two lovers (married or not) are not mutually exclusive, but own and possess one another, focusing their attention and desires on each other, alone, concentrating all their energies, including the metaphysical, to create that Magick, so necessary in the process of love and relationship.

Under the Moon, the Goddess smiles on Lovers All.

~ The Bridge of Sighs ~

(To the Glory of Light and spiritual penetration)


The signs have entered

Coming faster each day

Keeping apace, a hearty way-sign

Making me want to go…to stay.


Signs in the air

Deep in the Earth

The magic in disguise

The Magic marks the pair.


Follow the signs, that’s what

Others often fail to do

And hiding in their sheltered rooms –

Always fear to tread.


Her magic fills the place

A sign for all to see

Her zest for Life and passion surround Her –

The Sun upon Her face.


Alone…yet not alone

She takes her mission keen

Applying what she has been gifted – to those who fail to see

What she has seen.


Magnificent in her quality

Her gestures, strong and sublime

Her dedication offered for a time

A feat remarkable fot its time.


A corner perch, perfect for a seat

To sit and enjoy

The pure of Heart –

The rhythm of its beat.


Energies spent in wanton revelry

The smiles and laughter

Bringing satisfaction –

To a joyous harmony.


I hear a song from another day:

“The Power to choose, with nothing

Left to lose,” ringing in my head –

Quixotic images, she leads the way.


In Her eyes a charm and grace

Kept steady by the pace –

A smile and twinkle in her mien

A Raven call overhead…


A Crone divines the magic

In the air –

The mundane glowing brown

Her light begins to fade

(turning to red)

Her brow now drawn down.


The lock on Her heart

Rusty and stout

Closes her spirit –

Abruptly she departs.


The heat and excitement

Of the Day

Changes with the tide of the Sun

Merging with that orb of white.


The pace becomes demure

A settling of the fun

To a tranquil

And rhythmic drum.


Her eyes are more than comely

In the darkness they seduce

With a strange and wondrous passion –

A mystery and completion…all in One.


Understanding the weight of time

A shared performance on the rise

The battle between the living and the dead –

That ever-present dread.


Life is like romance –

One must  simply take a chance

And simply devour what is right for

The soul.

The rhythm of the night

In thin and graceful sound

Draws the spectacle of the Dance

The circle forms a bond.


The goddess of the Night

In her glory unfolds

The moment and the shadows

Of your heart – begins to step in time.


To watch is so sublime

The movement of your thighs

Expressing what you long for –

In the deep recesses of your mind.


You move and sway

Imitating that dance of May –

Your body aches

With rhythmic intensity.


The glow upon your face

Begins to set your pace

You pick up your feet

Your deep and sensual feat.


Nothing to lose – you choose

To Dance in the heartbeat of romance

The swirling of movement – the

Intoxication of a rhythmic trance.


The balance of body and soul

That is what entrances

The supple and the sensual –

The music of the dance.


The common and the gifted

All held within the Circle

Embracing the joy and sound –

The Light in your face, moving all around.


The laughter in your eyes

It is a pleasure to behold

The symmetry of your form –

Better to simply hold.



Like the petals of a Rose

Aching to unfold

Spread along the floor

As you follow the Dance.


The Moon is riding high

The grey of night embracing

That power of the Light –

And across your face it sits.


(Enter the Spirit of the Night…

the Goddess embraces and transforms)


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