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In the Light of The Sun…Our Breath as One

Waking reality, more often than not, brings much to bear on personal intentions, and Sonrel_Elisabeth_Our_Lady_of_cow_parsley-smallthis element has not changed in the tenor of this particular Work – in fact, it tended to grow, to spread roots where they were not intended, and indirectly bring with these new detours, a whole set of perceptions and intentions. The casual observer will take note, in that communication is of the utmost imperative, when dealing with matters of the heart; this means, as well, that both parties must be free of fears, embrace honesty, and fall heavily, into each others arms – this is trust.

When two people meet, in the manner that is described in these works, such as is the tell-tale value of serendipity, synchronicity, as well as the law of attraction, awareness is the key, and only after, will the sentient quality of mutual affirmation, be realized. To realize a thing, is not, in a practical sense, to fully understand it, and this can only be overcome when the source of the realization (the other person) is able to aid in the process of, firstly, understanding their own fears and doubts, their situation and intentions, then in verbalizing and constructing a more easily traveled and understood pathway for the person in their lives, to follow – only then, may understanding be achieved by the person/spirit, whose understanding is so necessary to this relationship.

One of the primary elements, as everyone seems to understand and voice, is that of patience, yet this is fundamentally the hardest of all the elements to embrace when, as it happens, one is put to the test, and usually in ways and means that are unknown, or less traveled; when this happens, tremendous self-control, prudence and discernment are necessary for partners to overcome what stands between them – at least that which ‘stands in their way’.

This may better be termed ‘the learning curve’, as the deeper one falls into another, all the requisite habits, routines, and nomenclature play an integral part in how these individuals merge, adapt, and then begin a new set of ‘habits, routines and nomenclature’ developed and known only to each other, where each nuance of personality exists; how one speaks or gestures, how this resonates, will either break or buttress this burgeoning love.

The Muse, in this Work, is caught up in a rapidly changing life, although to both parties, it would seem as if eternity was standing at the door, and desires and intentions always seem to take second place in the world of the mundane, that ever-present reality, which is life. The exchanges between the two protagonists began to take many detours, in part because of circumstance, but also because people see their lot in life as a given, set in stone, and changing intentions make the tried and true process of one’s life, that much more unusual and, thereby, making decisions based on a new, and ofttimes uneven terrain, that much more dangerous and problematic – perceptions tending to manifest themselves in extremes (reaction), rather than a slow rhythmic process, enveloped by free access to each other’s inner and outer desires.

Through all this change however, at least for my own part, the songs which came from deep, inside, still resonated, in retrospect, with an abiding positiveness, and the Goddess was still manifesting herself in my life, and that of the Muse. For every seemingly insurmountable obstacle, the aftermath was that much more precious; the only problem with that, was that it would start over again, the Muse, in many cases, seemingly too afraid, reticent, or incapable of fully embracing what life was whispering in her ear, or placing in her way – after all, it is hard to separate from a life of acceptance, and step
ahead, alone, (but not alone), into a new (or is this simply a reaffirmation of the old?) life.

For my part, there is also the mundane, the baggage left over from a previous life making, for me at least, the way relatively easy, as recognition of a new path, while bringing with it uncertainty, also brings the knowledge of, and reacquaintance with, the trusting of another person, the acceptance of much of their way of life, bringing it closer to one’s own heart, and willingly wanting to take this risk, this unknown type of love, that which the Muse had brought.

All in all, the journey has brought much to our lives and, hopefully, will be felt through the pages to come, and through the Light in Her eyes, through those clear, deep, and ever-present seas of emerald green, that spirit of nobility and courage, which has both softened and strengthened my own spirit, and will allow others to take the same risks, enjoy the same emotions and desires, to embrace the light of the Sun, to feel the breaths of two becoming One, and not be dissuaded from stepping through the virtual doors of life, as they present themselves.

(excerpt from: Poems of Love and Light: In the Light of the Sun, Our Breath as One)

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