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Introspection is always the counterpoint between awareness and affirmation, whether
Mighty Oakthis is Love or Magick; it is always about the journey, and what one does on the way forward…never back.

May the ‘journey’ be prosperous.

That Long Journey

Coming back one day

It’s not that I don’t want to stay

But the Road traveled best

Is the one that gives no rest.

In the early days

It was so fresh and so free

Even those that knew me

Saw the stars in my eyes.

The smile of that young lass

The one  in my class

Seemed hauntingly familiar

And made me think twice about that

Long Journey.

But soon the journey was made

The Wind and the Cold and the Heat

Seemed the only friends I’d ever meet

And that long journey never ends.

Then one day, she said to me

“Don’t go, on that Long Journey ahead”

That home she would make

But that Long Journey would not let me go.

Since that day, I’ve been on my way

To a bitter land of milk and honey

And all those rainbows in my head

Seemed to gather in the darkening clouds.

Stopping back home on leave,

I saw her standing alone

Her eyes were wandering

Looking for a sign in the rain.

The love we shared, the time we had spent –

All for nothing it seemed

As the thorns took over

The Rose.

You see, she had waited for me in that cloudy and

Darkened sky, filled with rainbows and storm

And now the pattern in the clouds

Had turned against her.

That Long Journey, so Windy, so Cold

And so Hot

Had begun again to move

To the call and command.

The war was not over

And the ghosts of fallen comrades

Rose amidst a Temple burning

And the song and journey was somehow returning.

The cries and the moans, given up

To that Temple tossed –

And even more than that Fear or Dred

Had fueled the fires of our bed.

The fire and ice, the journey

Harder still

Had left a hole in my heart

And split her form in two.

Coming home one day,

Knowing I want to stay

The Temple built by halves

And considering just what to do:

She stands in a room

Bright as the Sun

And it all comes back to me –

That Long Journey whispering in my ear.

The Wind and the Cold and the Heat

It wants to break and batter

That which is left of me –

It is the whisper of your breath, the song

On your lips, increasing in strength and depth.

The Long Journey seems to come

And go

The call is always the same

Even in the song of your name.

The journey goes ever on

The Temple can be rebuilt –

Love, like a rose, can open

And that long journey begins spiraling again.

Life is so very beautiful

I think that I’m drawn to the pain

Like the look in her eyes

I’m needing it more – the long journey about to begin.

The war is still churning

Mephistopheles still mourning, and

Turning my pleasure into pain –

And the Long Journey  seems about to begin.

….The Long Journey about to begin.



Poems of Love and Light: With just a touch of Grey