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And the Muse said to Me:

Oh, I fall into the well of your eyes
Deep as the night and blue as the skies
Speak to me of magic and muse
Blood and stone, mountains and the moon
Born of the past and again in our dreams
Heavy in my arms, I bring you peace.
In a cradle of pine
Your heart and mine
Here and now, and always

I was heavy in Her arms…as the voice carried me away


In the manner of Poems of Love and Light, this work is a continuation of the previous work, and has taken a progressive, if not also evolutionary presentation, as the characters themselves have evolved, and continue to walk in the light, bringing with them the occasional burst of passion and interconnection, not withstanding that touch of grey, which follows closely on the heels of life itself, and foster those moments that continue to make up a mosaic of patterns and lessons, of romance and inner turmoil, of
affirmation and intentions.

The layout, or formal presentation, is my own device, and the use of nouns, in this case, to describe the central characters, such as She and He, is used to describe the protagonists in a way, which will be apparent to those who have read the first presentation, the first missive, to you, the reader.

My apologies if the work seems confusing at times, but it is the natural outgrowth, the organic presentation, which will be revealed as it develops.

The continuing journey between the characters is wrapped within the confines of archetypes, and the journey, as well, brings in certain dialogue, which many will understand, and many will not.

The great theme inherent in this work, as before, is love, intentions, andmthose elements, which make up the cosmic duality of life.

This presentation is done in a style that brings the central motif (Love), relationships, desire, the law of attraction, and destiny – Fate or the Wyrds – and wraps it all up in a Tale or Saga, of real life, of those elements, which are ever faced by individuals, in time, and the undulating currents of Life will, and are, making themselves known as the story progresses.

The Muse and He, are continuing to search each other, deal with the challenges of life, and walk a path, a narrow path, and each to the other, attempt to relate the past, present and future, as it resonates with what is, and has been experienced…it is a Journey, a journey of exploration and discovery. The inter-relatedness of designs and intentions, as in all relationships, is a ofttimes meandering and misunderstood confluence of intentions; personalities and situations, limits and burdens, hidden secrets
and personal weaknesses, all this makes up the living history of desire and love.

In this work, there are also works from ancient Themes, and these are noted.

It is hoped that the reader will gain an appreciation of this journey, as it might relate to something that you, or those you may know, are going through and, in turn, might then experience the awesome and exhilarating possibilities of Love.

Copyright © 2013

(excertpt from Tales of Love and Light)