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The 12th is an anniversary, of sorts, as the process and introductionds_img_direct into a beautiful and magickal world started to present itself between two spirits, alone, each to their own devices, and intrinsic in their own destiny, a mission to embrace all that Life had to offer, the tenderness of goodness and sympathy, the fire of purpose and desire, the personal achievement of ambition and hope.

As the Wyrd’s would have it, these two lives were already embroiled in the elements and pathway of synchronicity and serendipity and, one night, they were introduced, as it were, a fleeting ‘moment in time’, just a spark of recognition, of awareness, which forever changed a simple and mundane story, into a vibrant, elusive, and epic interplay between Life and the Magick, which makes it such a wondrous and essential part of any journey.

To Him, She was that Muse, that essence, that quality, which embraced all the darkness, and all the Light – and this was seen in the Light of Her Eyes, those deep resonating emerald oceans – and once plumbed, that pleasant abyss would not lightly, leave his presence.

To Her, He was a mystery, new in her life, he presented many new opportunities, as her own life was developing in ways that, heretofore, had not presented itself with such certainty, as well as finality. It was the end of a cycle for Her, and she welcomed his presence.

Two lives, each completing a ‘walk of life’, meeting by ‘chance’ (although we all know that this is simply a hollow version of the real magick of life), letting the elements and passion of desire, hope, and Love call them, embracing and surrendering to the power that was present to each, starts a path together, with everything in-between, to make this moment, one of a kind.