New Release: Poems of Love and Light: (Vol. 4) Fire and Flood



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New Release:

Poems of Love and Light: Vol. 4

Fire and Flood

Cover Fire and Flood

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~ Tempest and Thunder ~


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~ Tempest and Thunder ~

The title above, belies the actual intent of this Work. It describes, in its delivery, the accent on the positive in this interaction between the Muse and I.

There had been, to say the least, such tempest and thunder between us, to make any relationship shudder, and then flounder. Through it all, however, the draw between us seemed to zig zag, to follow an uneven path, with such detours, that it was more than just a simple human interaction. At times, it simply seemed that we were, indeed, graced by the Goddess and God, for without this complex interplay of the metaphysical, we certainly would not have been able to continue.

The Muse was coming to a point between us, that she was able to share more intimate times with each other. We had not, to this point, shared a literal bed between us, as the opportunities had limited us both to our intimate encounters in nature, and those spontaneous moments were deep and filled with magick. There came a time, however, through all this tempest and thunder, that the day came, almost on a whim, and we were to be united in a more formal, and familial environment.

It was a special moment.

The time was filled with magick, desire, awareness and Love. Even now, I feel, smell, and embrace that light.

For Her gift, I am eternally grateful.

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~ To The Call I Return ~


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~ To The Call I Return ~

(To the Spirit of one’s Ancestors and the search for Love)

There seems to be much these days about one’s calling. Of course, this has been true of every generation, and every people.

Deep down, inside someone’s soul, there is that special something, that which calls out to them. Many are prone to religion, metaphysics, politics, or philosophy; one can be driven to create for themselves, a whole array of disciplines. Few, however, are so inclined to a particular calling, and then, in the mundane world, to actually follow that call.

I feel that I have had many callings.

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~ My King ~


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As time passess, one is always reminded of the maxim: “A lot can Happen in a Day”…(or in a Moment)

Ah! To the Power of Cycles…

~ My King ~

(To Realization)

I do not know all the nuance of magic

But I hold the flame

Your heart and mine

Are one and the same.

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~History of Litha (Midsummer)~


History of Litha (MidSummer)

Also known as Summer Solstice, Litha, Alban Hefin, Sun Blessing, Gathering Day, Feill-Sheathain, Whit Sunday, Whitsuntide, Vestalia, Thing-tide, St. John’s Day

In addition to the four great festivals of the Pagan Celtic year, there are four lesser holidays as well: the two solstices, and the two equinoxes. In folklore, these are referred to as the four ‘quarter-days’ of the year, and modern Witches call them the four ‘Lesser Sabbats’, or the four ‘Low Holidays’. The Summer Solstice is one of them.

Litha is usually celebrated on June 21st, but varies somewhat from the 20th to the 23rd, dependant upon the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. According to the old folklore calendar, Summer begins on Beltane (May 1st) and ends on Lughnassadh (August 1st), with the Summer Solstice midway between the two, marking MID-Summer. This makes more logical sense than suggesting that Summer begins on the day…

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Abissi ” cesare righi “

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Per immergersi negli abissi cristallini
o nelle profondità dell’universo
non servono maschera e pinne
ma determinazione e sangue freddo

è una immersione delicata
non difficoltosa
istruttiva per voi che ancora avete sete

guardatemi negli occhi
e negli abissi della mia anima
vi troverete a respirare

nuove galassie e pianeti alieni
vi appariranno
luminosi soli, nebulose antiche e misteriosi buchi neri

profondi mari e azzurri cieli
colorano il microcosmo
nascosto dei miei ancestrali ricordi

barriere coralline dai mille colori
se le saprete illuminare

attenti agli squali nascosti
che ancora in me risiedono

nel vuoto dello spazio galleggerete
come sorretti da invisibili mani

ma non lasciate il vostro udito libero
il big bang primordiale echeggia ancora

abissi della mia anima
che è acqua e aria
azzurro delicato e ciano immacolato

sono io microcosmo perfetto
di questa elementare semplicità

cesare righi



To plunge into the abyss crystalline
or in the depths…

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